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Take the Plunge!

Sunday, January 22nd in Marion!

Registration is now CLOSED! You can still register onsite starting at 10am Sunday morning! See you then!

Take the Plunge - how cold could it be?

Event Timeline
9am Registration/check-in
11am Plunge!
11am-1pm Post-plunge party

Event Location
Silvershell Beach, Front Street, Marion, MA

Make the Commitment!
Commit to jumping into the icy, cold water this winter and you'll be committing to help provide nearly 12,000 athletes with an opportunity to participate in programs that help them live a longer, happier, healthier life through sports programs.

What You Are Committing To:

  • I am Committing to Raising Money
    Your first committment is the most important - you are going to try to raise a minimum of $50 and hopefully more!

  • I am Committing to being a Plunger - or a Pinky Plunger!
    Decisions, decisions? On Plunge day we'll have a pool set up and you have two options - be a Plunger or a Pinky Plunger! Plungers brave the cold New England weather and hurl themselves all the into the icy cold water on Plunge day. Pinky Plungers take a slightly less aggressive approach and just dunk their pinky finger. Perfect for our younger Plungers in Training or anyone who wants to say they plunged for Special Olympics Massachusetts but doesn't want to put their whole body in.

  • I am Committing to (at least think about) Dressing for the Occasion!
    Ask the veteran Plungers and they will tell you the costume contest is almost as important as the Plunge itself - almost! Get your creative juices flowing and come up with a great costume for your team!

  • I am Committing (again!) to Fundraising!
    We know this was already mentioned but it's worth mentioning again because it is the most important part! If we want to be able to offer more individuals with intellectual disabilities with an opportunity to participate then we have to raise more money - starting with the Polar Plunge!